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Clandesdine Restaurant Consulting

We send an undercover diner to your bar or restaurant and report what we see, good or bad.

Unlike other "secret shopping" agencies, though, we do so with a passion for branding and marketing: instead of reporting facts and figures, we evaluate how customers might perceive your brand based on the signals you're sending, with actionable insights into how you can amplify or adjust your intended positioning.

Why Clandesdine?

Higher-level insights

We don't just report the "what," but the "so what" and "now what," with guidance on how your choices and actions contribute to a public brand identity (intentionally or not).

Marketing expertise

Our founder and lead diner brings an MBA and 10+ years of marketing and brand management experience to the table (as well as years spent in front-of-house restaurant positions).

Simple customization

We'll work with you in advance to ensure that our visit focuses on the things you care about, but our turnkey process requires minimal time and energy on your end.

Holistic appraisal

We supplement our site visit with insights from online reviews, media placements and conversations with other patrons, to paint a fuller picture of your strengths and opportunities


We donate 10% of all fees to the Second Harvest Heartland food bank, to provide more meals for more of our neighbors here in the Twin Cities.


Want to better understand what Clandesdine delivers?

View a sample one-page report here:


Consulting Fees



visit and report



Additional Visits

Our fee structure is simple:

For $149, we'll visit your establishment to drink or dine, collect supplementary information, and deliver a one-page report within a week. If you choose, we can make additional visits before writing our report for $79 each.

In addition to our fee, we collect a reimbursement from you for the cost of the visit (food, drink, tax and tip), for our undercover diner and one guest (who provides additional perspective on the visit). We'll confirm guidance from you in advance on the type and quantity of items to order.


What Comes Next?

You're just a few steps away from a custom evaluation:

1) Fill out the contact form below.

2) We'll be in touch to learn more about your needs and confirm details of the visit (areas of focus; desired day/time; items to order; etc.).

3) We'll visit, collect additional insights, and issue our report within a week.

4) We'll send an invoice for the program fee and dining reimbursement, along with a secure PayPal link for easy payment.


Ready to learn more?

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